Nikki Olson – 03 goalie from the GPS national team.

I love helping people with there game, especially when they are as good as Nikki Olson.  Here is a great video of Nikki saving a goal at Surf Cup 2019.  Not only did she block the shot, but she quickly got back up and saved the ball.

No doubt Nikki Olson is the Best of the Best!


Message from Nikki.

Hi Coach Phil,

This is Nikki Olson the 03 goalie from the GPS national team. I wanted to take the time to thank you for working with me this past week. I really enjoyed your coaching and I think it helped me to improve my play throughout the tournament. I also wanted to thank you for helping me to build up my confidence because I was very nervous before our training but you helped me to move past that and believe in myself. I have attached a video of a PK save from this past weekend that I thought you would appreciate.

Thanks again,
Nikki Olson